Black Market Glass was first incorporated in 2011 by the husband and wife team Paul and Sarah. They had a goal to bring the cannabis community a production line of water pipes which were an affordable quality option. In their great Northwestern home of Portland Oregon their small family run operation focuses on delivering a product which you will want to use every day and is strong enough to stand the test of time.

They believe that great design deserves to be paired with high quality materials. That’s why they use borosilicate glass in the production of their water pipes. It is the strongest of the more commonly found varieties and the specific composition that they use is the same used in scientific glass production. Any scientist would be able to recognize the hexagonal bases they use as being identical to those found on their beakers and flasks. These scientists know after years of experience that the six points help to maintain superior balance, an important trait in lab work and smoking essentials alike.

Their main line is designed around practicality. They want to deliver a product to you which will be easy to clean, durable, and smooth but also beautiful. The artwork on the pieces is modeled after the art deco time period of the 1920’s and are a collaborative project with coloring book artist, jewelry designer, and generally interesting person John Wik. The decals themselves are fired on at 1000 degrees and will not scratch, burn, or dissolve off.

Every product that comes out of their facility is carefully inspected and falls within their high quality standards before shipment. They are proud of what they do and for that reason are excited to offer a level of customer service you can only find with small batch American made products.